miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2007

So Emotional

Last Night :
subida de tensión eléctrica ocasiona:
cortocircuitos múltiples...

Out of Service.

Repairing ... Operative System.
I Only want To pass : Autorized Personal

So much impressionable...
But: Don´t Stop,
Don´t Stop

I want to feel connetions
Do you need it?
I want it, I like it


Excited Symmetry

Touching Us.
Please, be so much sweet with my Emotional System

And I¨ll be so lovely so lovely and careful

1 comentario:

Jota dijo...

No me gusta, tú puedes ser más dulce y paciente que eso.

I don't like it, you can be sweetest and more patient that you shows.